Michele was the Editor-in-Chief at Red Fez Publications for over five years and is currently the editor/publisher at Roadside Press and Citizens for Decent Literature Press. Additionally, she has worked with Punk Hostage Press on a number of projects.

Editing Experience

Associate Editor (2007), Red Fez Publications

Editor (2007), Lit Circus, Guild of Outsider Writers

Founding Editor/Publisher (2007-2010), Rural Messengers Press

Editor-in-Chief (2007-2012), Red Fez Publications

Founding Editor/Publisher (2011 – current), Citizens for Decent Literature Press

Associate Editor (2012), The Daughters of Bastards (Punk Hostage Press), a book by Iris Berry

Editor/Publisher (July 8, 2012), Dinosaur Ditch, poetry chapbook by Tim Murray (CFDL)

Editor/Publisher (February 18, 2013), Some People Go Crazy, poetry chapbook by Michael Grover (CFDL)

Editor/Publisher (2013), Random Acts of Terror, a book of poetry by Luis Rivas (CFDL)

Editor (2014), This Is Poetry Volume I: Women of the Small Press (CFDL)

Editor (2015), This Is Poetry Volume II: The Midwest Poets (CFDL)

Editor (2017), This Is Poetry Volume III: Poets of the West (CFDL)

Editor (2019), All that Shines Under the Hollywood Sign by Iris Berry (Punk Hostage Press)

Assistant Editor (2020), Driving in the Rain by Nadia Bruce-Rawlings (Punk Hostage Press)

Editor (2021), This Is Poetry Volume IV: Poets of the South (CFDL)

Editor (2021-2023), Gutter Snob Books

Editor (2022-current), Roadside Press