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some other projects that i’m involved in to one degree or another…

The Literary Underground
The Literary Underground is a grassroots effort committed to supporting independent artists, promoting diversity in creativity and fostering community in the small press. The LU aims to provide valuable information and resources to and about the underground creative communities. The Literary Underground was founded in 2010 by poet, publisher and literary activist Michele McDannold with the creation of The Literary Underground Wiki, an open-source encyclopedia written collaboratively by the people who use it. Other successful projects to date include Citizens for Decent Literature Press, Project U Radio Network, the “Nothing to Lose” reading series, and most recently the “This Is Poetry” project.







this is poetry
This is Poetry” is a project of The Literary Underground, an online publication of poems, a book series and live events. The project will ultimately result in an eight-volume collection of poetry, each volume representing poets from a specific geographic region as well as several special collections. These perfect-bound books will be published under Citizens for Decent Literature Press and released onto the world with a kickass event in each geographic region represented.









Citizens for Decent Literature
Citizens for Decent Literature Press was founded as a project of The Literary Underground. The online edition of Citizens for Decent Literature has some high-falutin’ ideas like giving voice to the voiceless and shit like that. The print zine follows the same suit only in real paper and ink, mailed out and handed out for free at readings. CfDL is also committed to printing quality books featuring work from the best of the underground at reasonable prices.








Blotterature is an online lit journal, started by a few Region Rats (Northwest Indiana) who want to see good literature reach a larger audience. Their mission is to merge “the academic” with “the underground,” with a strong commitment to building community by hosting local literature events.








Ppigpenn is a literary arts blogzine publishing wild words and art on a continuous, irregular schedule. The site is run by editor/publisher, poet and writer Catfish McDaris with a little help from Michele McDannold.









Nothing to Lose” is a popular internet radio program on the Project U Radio Network. NTL is committed to featuring creativity in all its various forms by presenting writers, musicians, artists, and performers… anyone involved in the production of creative things with a focus on independent and marginalized perspectives. Project U Radio Network is a project of The Literary Underground, a grassroots effort committed to supporting and promoting the creative arts in the independent press.







designed this website for the “Turn the Knob” folks turnknob.com

Turn the Knob: The Door to Creative Writing is an adult workshop and e-journal co-sponsored by not-for-profit organizations, Indiana Writers’ Consortium (IWC) and Books, Brushes, and Bands for Education (BBB4E). IWC is dedicated to inspiring and building a community of creative writers; BBB4E develops and implements innovative educational opportunities in the literary, visual and musical arts beyond the everyday classroom.

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